neutral by nature

After several seasons of bright colors and bold pattern mixing, there is something refreshing about an all over neutral outfit.  It is simple, effortless and never goes out of style.… Continue Reading

vests + fringe

Outfits talk, y’all.  And this outfit says, “I have a borderline creepy obsession with both vests and fringe.”
There are few things I love more than a vest worn on top of a tank.  … Continue Reading

jackie’s christmas wishlist

Jackie's Top Ten!

It’s hard to really think about yourself during Christmas and give ideas of what it is YOU want.  As a mom and pretty much the organizer of our household, I have to shop for my entire family, my husband’s entire family, teachers’ gifts for two kids, adopt a family boxes, friends, and any other miscellaneous gift or gifts that come up over the course of the next several weeks.… Continue Reading