My New Closet + Tips for Keeping Clothes, Shoes & Accessories Organized

One of my favorite home projects of 2020 was renovating and organizing my master closet with the help the amazing, Georgia-based Creative Closets and More! You can see my post all about my closet and office design-process and renovation on this post. I HIGHLY recommend this company for your closet, pantry, home office design needs!

I have been getting lots of requests for a post about my favorite closet-organization hacks and helpers, and I will be sharing them on this post. Most of the organizational accessories I use in my closet are from Amazon and are super-affordable.

Before I share some organizing tips, I cannot stress the importance of a well-designed closet! Creative Closets and More designed a functional and gorgeous closet based on my individual needs. {For instance, the designer counted that I had 96 pairs of shoes in this closet and created space for each pair!} Having customized accessory drawers to house my jewelry, sunglasses, hats and swimsuits, as well as ample shelving for my handbags, has also been a game-changer and helped me to stay organized on an on-going basis, even with having to pack and unpack accessories for photo-shoots on a weekly basis. My closet is small in our 26+ year-old-home and I am still amazed by the space and storage Creative Closets and More was able to create in an otherwise lack-luster space.


Hangers :: If you invest in one thing to start making your closet look and function better, make it hangers!! Having the same hangers make a closet instantly look more organized, and using a slim velvet hanger, like the Amazon ones I have in my closet, will keep clothes hanging straight, which allows you to hang more clothes as well as to see what you have better. I suggest throwing away any wire/dry-cleaning hangers as well as any random ones, and in investing in a few packs of a hangers at a time, if it’s out of budget to change them all out all at once. {I love that mine have a rose gold swivel hook!}

Shoes :: I like to organize my shoes by style and then by color within that style, in a back and forth/front and back pattern. This allows me to find shoes more quickly when dressing as well as to store more shoes on each shelf. {My shelving by Creative Closets and More is adjustable, which super nice for storing/displaying shoes of all different heights.}

Tote hangers :: I love these metal hangers from Container Store for my totes! They are wide enough to hold multiple bags on each one.


If you have shelves in your closet, I recommend keeping your seasonal favorite handbags displayed. This looks eye-catching and also keeps your most-worn bags in easy view to grab and carry! {Be sure to select bags for display that can sit upright or utilize a small plastic easel.} For small bags and clutches, I store mine upright, side to side. These clear plastic clutch holders are something I have been wanting to order!


Creative Closets and More custom-designed my closet drawers to accommodate all my various accessories. I am a self-proclaimed accessory-lover so I realize I have more than most, but finally having a “home” for all my jewelry, headbands, hats and sunglasses as been a game-changer.

I love the permanent yet adjustable drawer dividers in two of my closet drawers. {You can purchase dividers to add to existing drawers here and here.}

Swimsuits :: I have loved having my swimsuits organized this way! They are so easy to find and look so pretty! For one-pieces, which is pretty much all I wear, simply lay out the swimsuit flat and fold each side into the center, then roll it up and stack in the draw. This even works for ruffly suits, and keeps them surprisingly wrinkle-free!

Headbands :: Creative Closet’s and More spoiled me by creating a custom headband drawer for me! This is one of my favorite parts of my closet, since it was so difficult to figure out storage for ALL my headbands previously! {I do love this acrylic headband holder from Amazon! It’s also great for holding barrettes and scrunchies. I just collected way to many and needed an entire drawer dedicated to just headbands!} If you hire Creative Closets and More to design your dream closet, you can ask them for a similar drawer design.

Shop my current favorite headbands here ::


Thanks to Creative Closets and More jewelry storage solutions, I FINALLY have ample space for all my bracelets, earrings and necklaces! I can honestly say this is the most organized my jewelry has ever been, and thanks to this drawer system, I have been able to keep my jewelry organized!

In addition to drawer storage, I love these acrylic bracelet holders from Amazon that I keep on top of my drawers. They keep my favorite seasonal bracelets looking so stylishly displayed!

You can shop more of my favorite Amazon organization items in one place here. Be sure to check out Creative Closets and More here. Their designers are happy to come out for a free consult and you may be very surprised, as many of my friends and followers have been, by how affordably they can design beautifully functional spaces around your home. Let them know I sent you!

Happy organizing!

Stylishly yours,





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