Outdoor Lighting Transformation

I’ve always admired homes with awesome outdoor lighting, but never quite appreciated the tremendous difference it makes until now. Last month, my friends and owners of River of Life Irrigation and Landscape Lighting literally transformed the way our home looks and lives at night by installing professional outdoor lighting.

I was introduced to River of Life owner, Rich Jansen, through his wife, Donna, who is one of the kindest, most encouraging and most loyal followers I have. I have the blessing of calling her a friend after meeting her in person over a year ago and communicating weekly virtually. When we purchased our 26-year-old “new-to-us” home in Johns Creek, GA in March 2020, Donna reached out to tell me more about her husband’s company and over 25+ years of experience in the irrigation and outdoor lighting expertise.

Owner Rich Jansen first serviced our yard last Spring by helping bring our OLD and not functioning sprinkler and irrigation system back to life. They were able to trouble-shoot and fix the sprinkler system, which has been a game-changer for our yard as we have recently completed a landscape project! Our newly planted landscape has been able to thrive all summer due to our irrigation system!

In August, Rich and his talented team from River of Life installed a customized outdoor lighting system that looks absolutely amazing. I let him create and design what to install, knowing he knows best…and to say we were WOWED with the result is an understatement! Below is a before and after, pictures literally taken seconds apart once the new lighting turned on! Talk about a dramatic difference, right?!


Not only does our new outdoor lighting provide beauty and aesthetic appeal, but it also adds a huge security element. We live in a gated community that has unfortunately, like much of Atlanta and its ‘burbs, experienced a somewhat-alarming amount of break-ins over the past year. I sleep better at night knowing our house is the most “well-lit” house on our street…a total deterrent to potential burglars!

Additionally, as often as we entertain other families, we are loving how the lighting encourages our kids and their friends to play in our yard in the early evening into the night! I know that as the days become shorter and nighttime falls earlier with Fall/Winter approaching, we will increasingly enjoy and appreciate our new outdoor lighting by River of Life. I love and appreciate that River of Life even added lighting to our side dormers and driveway, where kids are often playing night basketball. The side-house lighting also creates a welcoming entrance for guests.

That said, the ideal timing to install outdoor lighting is NOW, during Fall/Winter. Just think about the difference it could make to add lighting to the exterior of your home as we prepare for shorter days, longer nights and also for holiday season. Professional exterior lighting will also help your Christmas/holiday decor shine brighter!

In addition to front exterior lighting {like we did}, River of Life also specializes in backyard, pool and lake-house lighting. The possibilities are endless, and there is no comparison to professional exterior lighting vs what you could potentially install yourself!

Contact Rich with River of Life (706) 344-9613 to set up a consult and estimate. Book River of Life for an outdoor lighting install between now and October 31st and receive a free transformer {approx. $400 value} FREE when you mention my name.

Feel free to reach out to me directly at lauren@editbylauren.com if you have any questions!

Stylishly yours,



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