Creating the Perfect Wall Grouping

items listed left to right, top to bottom :: metal flower | flower canvas | gold burst trio | gold burst | metal square | sunburst mirror | graphic wall art | shelf

Happy Monday! I’m excited, as always, for the opportunity to team up with Home Depot for this post. Today I’m sharing my tips for creating the perfect wall gallery. 

I am currently in process of redecorating my home, room by room, and so these tips are coming from projects that I am planning out and beginning to work on. I’ve had so much fun shopping Home Depot’s amazing Wall Decor selection!

If you are like me, you likely may have a Pinterest board full of wall gallery inspiration. I always love how a gallery adds a personal touch to a room, and becomes a focal point of a space. I am particularly drawn to groupings that mix old and new, sentimental pieces with stunning decor as well as mixed textures and metallics.

Another thing that makes creating a grouping extra fun is that it can be added to over time, as you collect new pieces. I like the fact that a gallery is never technically “finished” and always ready to be changed or added to!

My Three Tips on Creating the Perfect Wall Grouping ::

1. Size and Scale. Select pieces that are different sizes and scales. Unless you are creating a uniform photo gallery, shy away from pieces that are too similar in size. If the space is large and blank, don’t be afraid to go big with the grouping! The bigger the grouping and objects within it, the more statement it will make.

Royal Leaf Sunburst 28 in. H x 27.5 in. W Round Framed Mirror

2.  Shapes. Incorporating many different shapes adds interest to a grouping. Try to incorporate both squares and rectangles as well as circles and oval shapes. Sunbursts and star shapes always look fabulous mixed in to a gallery. I absolutely love the unique shape of this Safavieh Royal Leaf Sunburst Mirror {pictured above} and how it adds a “glam” touch to any wall mix. The Stratton Home Décor Gold Burst included in the collage also adds a punch of unexpected shape and texture.

Amaryllis Metal Wall Decor in Distressed Cream

3. Textures and Finishes. Diversifying textures and finishes adds visual interest to a grouping. Consider mixing canvas art, metallics, wood art, mirrors and baskets into a gallery.  I love how the Three Hands floral metal wall art pictured incorporates mixed metals, and that the Home Decorators Collection Amaryllis Metal Wall Décor provides another texture while appearing antique.

A few additional tips to consider when hanging wall art::

1.  Switch up canvas art. A lot of canvases, including the Yosemite Home Decor “Full Flower” canvas {pictured below} and the Trademark Fine Art “Island Hues” graphic canvas {pictured in collage}, can be hung either horizontally or vertically. Play around with which direction fits best.

24 in. x 32 in.

2. Continuity of shapes and patterns. Consider that a gallery can contain a similar grouping of three similar objects, like these Home Decorators Collection Metal Star Bursts. This is also a great way to showcase a trio of baskets or similar mementos and to fill in a larger space while adding texture at the same time.

3Add a shelf. Adding a shelf to a grouping adds dimension, as well as visual interest. Use shelf to lean a photo or piece of art, as well as to create a grouping of objects on top.  The Lewis Hyman floating shelf pictured comes in several widths and is very versatile.

Last but not least, add personal photos into the mix. A grouping is a perfect way to display cherished photos and mementos on your walls where you can appreciate them everyday.

And one last tip :: Be sure to take the time to lay out your gallery on the floor before hanging. Take measurements and play around with the layout before starting to put nail holes in the wall. {I may or may not know this from personal experience!}

Be creative, have fun and get ready to enjoy creating a statement wall in your home that’s sure to become a discussion piece for years to come! Be sure to check out Home Depot’s Wall Decor selection for literally everything you need to create the perfect wall gallery.

Stylishly yours,

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Thank you to Home Depot for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

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