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It might have been the longest 30 days of our lives, but the Instagram closet remix challenge is finally over. With winter weather at its worst this year, finding inspiration in our own closets without shopping was well, a bit of a challenge.
No shopping for 30 days should be easy, right?  Yes, it should be.  But with clearance sales and enticing email offers in your inbox daily, turning a blind eye seemed unbearable on days.

But the best part of the challenge is finishing with a smart shopping list of things you need to complete the wardrobe you already have, not the wardrobe you bought on sale.

Let’s recap.  Why remix?

1.  You get reacquainted with your closet.  You might just find a top or sweater you forgot you had.


Lauren (@laurenlefevre) pulled items from her closet she owned for several seasons and was able to give them a fresh look with accessories and on trend pieces she purchased prior to the challenge.

2.  You’ll make better decisions when shopping.  Knowing what you have will help you make smarter choices each season.


Abby (@mrsstrock) makes basics look so good with fabulous jewels and classic prints.  Her flawless style can be recreated with items you probably already own.

3.  You learn to get creative.  Shopping your closet forces you to think outside the box and combine items of clothing in new ways.


I (find me at @jackiemewbourne) like to take a simple outfit and add in a shot of color to perk things up.  Using color is a great way to create multiple looks in your closet.

4.  Remixing your own closet helps you save money.  You learn what you already have and make better purchases.

Need a starting point?  The Edit team is here to help.  Send us a message if you are interested in finding out how we can help style you!

How was your challenge?

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