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Summer is here and hot weather is in full swing, making it more important than ever to check clothing labels and to be sure you are wearing the most breathable fabric, cotton

Cotton is my go-to fabric of choice, because it’s quality,breathable, comfortable and comes in every style I need. Out are the days when cotton was only used for tee shirts and undies! Today’s fashion is full of cotton and cotton-blends.

Here are three summer looks, all consisting of cotton-rich apparel ::

A brunch look in a cotton-rich dress. {Also available in pink here}. 

A date night look in a cotton-rich top and denim. {Top is available in more sizes here.}

A backyard BBQ ensemble in a cotton-rich top and shorts.

I love that I can dress in cotton and stay cool and comfortable, without sacrificing style!

When purchasing wardrobe staples, check labels for cotton-rich fabrics consisting of 60% or higher for apparel or 90% or higher for denim to ensure the benefits of cotton really come through!

One added bonus of wearing cotton :: Since cotton is breathable, odors don’t stick, saving you the time, money and energy of extra laundry!

Fashion that functions is always in style. That’s why so many things in your closet are made of cotton. It’s breathable, durable, comfortable, washable. It’s high end and low maintenance. So check your labels for cotton, and feel as good as you look. Learn more ::

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  • Natalie

    So excited to see a post about cotton! My husband is on the board at Cotton, Inc & also farms cotton. You look fabulous in everything! Love reading your blog! 💞Natalie


      Oh, wow! That is super cool! I honestly learned A LOT about cotton from doing this post!! Hats off to your hubby and thank you for commenting…and reading my blog. 😉

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