My Daily Skin Care Routine

One of my most requested blog topics for 2018 is to share my skin care routine. I’m particularly excited about this post because I have seen DRAMATIC changes in my skin this past year. It’s the first time ever, in my adult life, that I don’t hate the way I look make-up free, which says A LOT.

My skin in smoother, brighter and more even-toned than ever before, and I owe it to this round-up of products, as well as the skincare treatments I have been getting regularly at WIFH. {Read more about these treatments at the bottom of this post.}

One of the other things that makes me oh-so-happy about my skin care regime is that it is SO MUCH CLEANER than it used to be. I have switched the majority of my products to safer products with Beautycounter, which means that these safer products are free of toxins, hormone-disrupters and 1500+ other harmful ingredients listed on this NEVER LIST. In fact, Beautycounter has the HIGHEST standards for safe skincare/makeup than ANY US company! 

Without further a do, here’s the routine I am loving and swear by ::


Step 1 :: CLEANSE with NOURISHING CREAM CLEANSER. {During the summer months when I am extra oily, I cleanse in the morning with the Charcoal Cleansing Bar}.

Step 2 :: SPRITZ with BALANCING FACIAL MIST. I love how refreshing this mist feels in the morning, and how it preps my skin for moisturizer. I also use this spray to refresh my skin throughout the day, especially before touching up my makeup from day to night. It also feels amazing refrigerated in the summertime. I love to spritz if after a trip to the  pool or lake!

Step 3 :: BRIGHTEN & FIRM with REJUVENATING RADIANCE SERUM. This serum is lightweight and absorbs quickly, leaving no greasy feeling, even on my oily/combination skin. I have seen improvement in my skin tone and texture since incorporating this into my morning routine two months ago.

Step 4 :: PAT REJUVENATING EYE CREAM around the eyes. This is one of my favorite eye creams I have ever used {and I have tried A LOT!}. It’s ultra hydrating yet absorbs quickly.

Step 5 :: MOISTURIZE with COUNTERMATCH ADAPTIVE MOISTURE LOTION. This patent-pending lotion uses breakthrough  Bio-Mimic Technology to help skin adjust to different hydration levels throughout the day. It has a light-weight, smooth feel and smells great, too! Perfect for any skin type! {Note, during the summer, I use this PCA Weightless SPF 45 in place of a moisturizer. It’s the best lightweight daily SPF I have found. I often layer it with Countermatch in the winter on days I will be outdoors.}

Add-on :: EXFOLIATE. I replace my cleanser with the Nourishing Cream Exfoliator two mornings a week. This exfoliator is light and not abrasive. If you prefer a more “gritty” exfoliator, I also LOVE the Colleen Rothschild Dual Enzyme Polish.


Step 1 :: CLEANSE with CLEANSING BALM. This magic balm takes it ALL off…makeup, oil and grime. There’s a good reason why it has nearly 1000 Five Star reviews!! Since I have oily skin, I was hesitant to try washing with a “balm” but I honestly think my skin craved and needed the added hydration! My skin is noticeably clearer, brighter and smoother because of it! The trick is to be sure to apply to a dry face and then to use a cleansing clothe to take it off with warm water. If you have dry skin, you can also use the Cleansing Balm as a hydrating sleep mask. Also, it lasts a very long time…like 6-9 months!

Step 2 :: TONE with REJUVENATING TONER PADS. These toner pads are one of my very favorite Beautycounter products! I love using them at night as a second cleansing step, to take off any last traces of makeup. They smell amazing! I attribute these pads to helping to lighten and brighten g my malasma spots.

Step 3 :: NOURISH with BALANCING FACIAL OIL. This was my first “miracle” skin care product from Beautycounter. Truly, this facial oil cleared up my skin from occasional breakouts to the point where I cannot recall the last zit I’ve had. I cannot say enough about this Balancing Oil if your skin is oily, combination and/or acne-prone. I love that it clears up skin while hydrating. I don’t even need a night cream since I use this. {Recently I have also started to use the Retinal Supreme Night Oil from Colleen Rothschild and love it, too. I apply it ever other night. It’s ultra-hydrating, and perhaps a bit much for truly acne-prone skin, but an amazing way to apply Retinal and Vitamin C together at night!}

Step #4 :: PAT REJUVENATING EYE CREAM around each eye. See morning regime for info.

Step #5 :: APPLY RODAN & FIELDS LASH BOOST to upper lash line. After reaping absolute havoc on my lashes a year ago from lash extensions {which I will now never recommend!}, I started using Lash Boost to help grow my destroyed lashes. Within a month they were back and better than ever and now people ask me all the time if I have eyelash extensions because they look so good! I apply every night to every other night to maintain my results.

Add-On’s :: MASK twice a week. Beautycounter’s masks are hands-down the best I’ve ever tried, which says a lot since I love a good mask! Since my skin is both combination and hyper-pigmented, I rotate between the BALANCING MASK with charcoal for detoxing and clarifying, and the BRIGHTENING MASK with Vitamin C, which I swear makes your skin glow right after using! I love that the results of both of these mask are immediate and fully believe that regular use keeps skin clear and glowing!

Also, I cannot live without applying the Beautycounter Lip Conditioner as my last step before bed each night.I keep it on my nightstand and usually apply during the night, too. It’s been a life saver for my kids, too, during winter and works to heal chapped skin under the nose, too.


Last but not least, over the past few months, I have started a rotation of two skin professional skin treatments at WIFH. The results {already!} have been more significant than any peel or skin procedures I have ever tried in the past.

Here’s what I am doing ::

1. Rejuvapen Microneedling :: This is by far the most effective skin treatment I have ever done. The amazing thing about this procedure is that the results are both immediate AND permanent. Microneedling stimulates new collagen production to treat large pores, fine lines and wrinkles, skin textures and acne scars. You can even treat other areas of the body like the stomach or legs that have loose skin or stretch marks! I am doing a series of four {I have already completed two} over four months. Read all about it here and if you are in the Atlanta area, I highly recommend going to see WIFH. They are amazing! Mention Lauren from Edit by Lauren sent you for a $50 discount on Microneedling!!

2. HydraFacial MD ;: In between Microneedling treatments, I am doing a HydraFacial. Even as a “stand alone” facial, the HydraFacial is the most effective facial I’ve ever experience. There is a reason celebs get a HydraFacial before glam events! I love that the HydraFacial gives immediate results with NO downtown! It deep cleans, exfoliates, extracts and hydrates the skin with powerful antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acid. Your skin literally glows afterwards…so much so that I usually plan to get one right before an event or photoshoot. Use code EDITBYLAUREN for $20 off a HydraFacial at WIFH

So there it is :: my daily skin care routine and maintenance secrets. I am proud to say that at age 37, I am loving my skin and think it looks the best it has in years, if not ever. I literally get compliments on it all the time, and I credit these products and treatments!

If you are on a budget, and want to overhaul your skin care routine, I recommend replacing items as you use up what you have. You can build a great skincare regime over time! Feel free to email me anytime with questions and/or feedback at

Stylishly yours,

P.S. If you are intrigued with Beautycounter and want to join the movement to get safer skin care in the hands of everyone, there are two ways to do it ::

1. Become a Consultant. Help get safer products into the hands of everyone by sharing the mission and products. The beauty of this is that you can earn money, get significant discounts on products and make it as big or as small of a business as you want. We have doctors, lawyers, bloggers, health experts and stay at home moms on our team. You set your own pace, no pressure to do any more than you want! Click here to learn more, and if you want to join my team, just enter my name “Lauren Lefevre” when you join and be sure to email me to let me know! I would love to answer any questions and help you get started.

2. Become a Member.  If you are not quite ready to become a consultant but love Beautycounter products, vote for safer products with your pocket book by purchasing! I highly recommend becoming a Band of Beauty Member. Think of it kind of like a Costco card, but even better! It’s only $29 annually and basically an awesome rewards program. You’ll get a complimentary gift with purchase, 15% back in product credit on every order, free shipping on orders over $100 and special exclusive offers throughout the year. If you are thinking about purchasing $100 or more on an order, it makes total sense to go ahead and join since you’ll make your $29 back immediately!

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