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One of my favorite fall trends is the moto and/or combat boot trend.  I mean, we all know that I have a totally freakish slight and completely normal obsession with boots.  And these are the kind of boots that will make any outfit look stylish.  Plus, they’re probably just scary enough to make your husband kids obey you.

Now, I know some of you are all, hahahaha, Sherri I AM NEVER wearing those, seeing as how I don’t own a motorcycle and am not a part of the military.  (Unless you are, in which case, AWESOME and high five!)

But for the rest of you, here are a couple of tips to style these babies.  You’re welcome.

1.  Keep the rest of your outfit feminine and soft.  And that doesn’t have to mean head-to-toe florals.  In fact, it probably shouldn’t. Ever. But maybe mix in some lace, or a flowy top, or even a girly dress.

2.  Don’t pair your moto or combat boots with anything you would actually wear while riding on a motorcycle or participating in combat.

3.  Stay away from wearing them with items reminiscent of the whole 90’s grunge scene.  Meaning, don’t pair your baggy flannels WITH your combat boots. Deal?

Now I will show you a perfectly styled, super amazing outfit combo that I put together, featuring these kick butt boots.

(Except that by “perfectly styled, super amazing outfit combo,” what I really mean is a collage of boots for you to buy, that will in no way feature me.  Because after a week with sick kids, my most “perfectly styled” outfit this week was yoga pants and a t-shirt. Ain’t nobody need to see that. #letsbehonest)

Happy Shopping!

Screen Shot 2014-04-20 at 4.18.58 PM

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