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Happy Maternity Monday, everyone!  Since this baby is officially FULL-TERM, I’m thinking this is probably my last maternity post.
(Although you can be on the lookout for some sweet postpartum fashion posts in the near future. As in, I will try to determine if there is even such a thing as “postpartum fashion.”)

(Let’s all hope so. My sweatpants and Uggs are needing a break.)

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that my outfit posts have, ahem, slowed down significantly.  This likely has something to do with the fact that I have approximately 2 shirts to incorporate into my rapidly dwindling maternity wardrobe.  I’ve also been very busy trying to go into labor at all of my favorite places.  You know, in case Anthropologie offers a lifetime supply of free clothing for birthing your baby in the dressing room.

(I’m all kinds of serious.  If you see a VERY PREGNANT lady squatting, skipping, and/or jumping around in Nordstrom, just throw me a “bless your heart” and keep it moving.  Feel free to also lie and tell me that I don’t look pregnant from behind. I like that one a lot too.)

All that to say, I’m just not capable of blowing your mind with fashion today.  BUT.  I am going to answer the all-important question of “what the heck do I wear while I’m in the hospital, Sherri?

I am SO glad you asked.

For all you sweet, precious little things who are planning to take your skinny jeans, a cute dress, or basically any of your pre-pregnancy clothing to wear during your postpartum hospital stay:  That’s adorable.  Also, NO.

First up, you are going to want some loose, comfortable maternity/nursing pajamas.  Key word is LOOSE.  Not only will you still look 6 months pregnant, you will not want any sort of clothing that sticks close to the body.

(Unless you think it’s fashionable to show everyone that you’re essentially wearing Depends.   Just saying.)

These Japanese Weekend Nursing PJ’s are an adorable option, and are also super comfy. They’re actually sitting in my hospital bag right now!  Plus, they work throughout pregnancy, so you can justify the price.

Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 3.01.07 PM

There’s also a solid chance that I’ll still be wearing them a year from now.  No shame.

Next up, you’re going to want a cozy wrap or robe of some kind.  If you read the blog Pinterest Told Me To, then you’ve become well-versed in what Sheaffer calls “the blardigan.”  It’s kind of a cross between a cute long cardigan and a cozy robe.  And I’ll admit, I had my doubts about whether it could truly be as fabulous as she claims.

And I was wrong.  It is even more fabulous than she claims.  Soft, cozy, entirely appropriate for wearing outside the house….I may or may not own two of them now.

(Unless you’re my husband.  In which case, I only have one.)


Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 3.40.23 PM


Personally, I’ll be styling this with an actual shirt, instead of, you know, just my underwear.

But that’s just me.

And finally, a new mom needs cute and cozy footwear.  I’m sure it says that in all the good baby books, right?  You might remember these beauties from my Christmas wish list post:

Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 5.11.05 PM


Yep.  They need to be on my feet immediately.  And possibly forever.

There are quite a few other things going in my hospital bag, but since this is a fashion blog, and not a “gross you out by oversharing” blog, we’ll just leave it at that.  I’ve so enjoyed showing y’all my maternity “must-haves!”  I’m looking forward to (hopefully) being fashionable again in 2014……once I have more than 2 shirts to choose from, that is.

Until next time,

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