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Those of you who follow me on social media have heard me talk A LOT about the fitness/nutrition program I’ve been doing the past six weeks called The FASTer Way to Fat Loss. I wanted to dedicate a post to answering questions about this program and share some tips I have learned along the way.

A little background on why I joined the FASTer Way program ::

I’m a person who has always enjoyed working out and knows the “basics” about healthy eating. On the flip side, I also love fun foods, including doughnuts, chips and queso, wine and margaritas on the weekends! Can anyone else relate to working out so you can enjoy splurges?! That’s me!

I have honestly never found a nutrional program that I have successfully stuck with because every one I have tried in the past has made me feel low on energy, constantly hungry and deprived! I knew there was hope for me with this program when I learned that the founder and trainer, Amanda Tress, shares my love for doughnuts and eats a few each Saturday after “leg day!”

This past Fall, I had run myself ragged with an over-committed schedule and was frankly frustrated that I couldn’t consistently find time for one hour + workouts at the gym. My eating was all over the place as I was constantly “on the go,” and I was gaining weight and feeling tired all the time!

I learned about the FASTER Way program through a good blogger friend {who is also a busy working mom of two} who had incredible results in her first 6 weeks on the program. I was encouraged and intrigued that someone similar to me, who ran a crazy schedule, had littles and also loved food, was getting results and feeling amazing. So, I took the plunge and started the program in January!

Six weeks later, I am down 5 pounds, lots of inches, much more toned and most importantly, I FEEL GREAT! I have energy I haven’t felt in years…and no longer need an afternoon caffeine hit to keep me going. I have developed a lifestyle that is sustainable, and one that I never feel deprived on and one that I actually ENJOY! For someone who is not overly disciplined when it comes to eating and meal planning, and who has never stuck with a program like this…that says A LOT!

Here’s the details and some answers to FAQ’s ::

What is involved with the FASTer Way to Fat Loss Program?

This program involves intermitted fasting every day and carb cycling. Each day you eat in an 8 hour or less “feeding window” and then fast the rest of the day. Most people on the program, including myself, fast each morning until 12noon, and then eat until 8pm. Monday’s and Tuesday’s are “low carb” days and the rest of the week you eat balanced macros…striving to eat the right % of fats, carbs and proteins to fuel your body. {This window can be flexible and made to work with your schedule. For instance, on weekend’s when I know I’ll be out with friends and eating later than 8, I try to push back breaking my fast ’til 1 or 2pm.} 

How do you survive the mornings without eating breakfast?

It’s funny how fast your body adjusts! During the morning fast, you can drink black coffee, herbal tea, BCAA’s and, of course, water. I love that I save time in the morning by not having to fix myself breakfast! My personal morning routine is that I wake up, mix a scoop of these BCAA’s {I love both the watermelon and grape flavors} and take 3 Advocare Catalyst pills, which help my protect my body from eating muscle while in a fasted state and help develop lean muscle tone. I then make iced black coffee {I find drinking black coffee iced is more tolerable!} and add a little of this sugar-free vanilla syrup. Then the rest of the morning I sip on iced green tea and water. 

What do you eat each day?

The answer to this is my favorite :: A delicious variety of REAL food! Most days I actually have a difficult time consuming enough food! The program stresses that we all need enough calories to efficiently burn fat, and I have realized how myself, like so many women, often don’t consume enough calories and enough carbs each day! Wednesday-Sunday are normal macros days so you get to eat a great variety of anything you want that is nutritious food that works in your macros percentages. This means you can event eat sandwiches!! Monday and Tuesday are low carb days so I eat a lot of salads, eggs, cheese and meat on these days. Spaghetti Squash Spaghetti is a weekly low-carb dinner favorite in our house! I also drink one or two of this Vanilla protein shake, mixed with PB2 powder, just about every day. It tastes great and is also low carb so works on those days.

Can you eat out on this program?

YES! Admittedly, I am not much of a cook, and my family eats out or carries out food a lot. I’ve been able to make this program work for me without cooking in each day and I love that! I eat at places like Chipotle and Zoes Kitchen at least once a week. 

Can you drink wine?

Funny enough, this is one of the most asked questions I receive! Yes, you can build wine into your macros. I try to limit drinks to Friday and Saturday nights. Most white wine is actually low on carbs. I also enjoy skinny margaritas out and like to make a “light” vodka drink with fresh grapefruit juice and La Croix when entertaining at home. 

Can you have any cheat meals?

YES! Amanda encourages us to have a fun meal on Saturday’s since it is “leg day” and we have earned discretionary calories. If you want doughnuts, a cocktail, a fun dinner out…this is that day! I was honestly able to enjoy fun foods in moderation on Saturdays {as well as some Friday nights} and still get results! To me, this has made the program sustainable as a lifestyle because you don’t feel deprived!

What are the workouts like?

Each week of the program, you receive a detailed workout for each day of the week. {Two days a week are rest days.} There is both a gym and a home version of the workouts provided. Since my goal with this program was to simplify my life and spend less time at the gym, I chose to do home workouts the entire program. Literally the only equipment I have needed is a pair of 8 and 10 pound dumbbells and a 20 pound kettle bell, which I purchased at Target. I can complete most workouts in my living room in 30-40 minutes, which is SO freeing and has built a lot of extra time into my daily routine! Most of the girls in my group do gym workouts and love them, too! I’ll add that the premmis behind that workouts is that we are not killing ourselves working out, and its been so cool to get results without going crazy!

I feel so strongly about this program that I want all my girlfriends to try it! I am going to be starting my second next week. {Prep week begins on Monday, February 27th.} If you want to jump in, there are still a few spots left and I would love to track with you and encourage you through it!

There will also be a March program starting, date TBD.

Click here for more info and to register, and please feel free to email me with any questions at all at

Here are the outfit details for the fitness look I am wearing in this post ::

These high-waisted black leggings are my new favorites!! They are incredibly comfortable and flattering, and affordable at $52, too!

I also love that this fun sports bra gives support and shape while looking stylish. And this bomber-style jacket is so soft and makes a statement! These sneakers are perfect for workouts as well as weekends with shorts or jeans. Last but not least, this perforated hat is my all-time favorite ball-cap. I wear it all the time!

leggings ZELLA | sports bra ZELLA | jacket ZELLA | sneakers NIKE | hat LULU LEMON | sunglasses QUAY | water bottle CORKCICLE | photography by Heidi Geldhauser

Here is a list of the products that I have loved using during the program, and plan on continuing to use daily in during my second round ::

Best BCAA’s :: I drink a scoop in my water each morning. It’s calorie and carb free so perfect to drink while fasting and tastes great. I have only tried the Watermelon and Grape flavors so far, and both are great!

Advocare Catalyst :: I take three pills 2-3x a day to develop lean muscle tone. Take on an empty stomach.

Advocare Spark :: I drink this 1-2x a day during my “feeding window” every day. I love taking 30 minutes, along with Catalyst, before a workout. It gives me a great boost of energy and tastes SO good! I love the grape, fruit punch and limeade flavors!

Advocare MuscleGain Protein Powder :: I drink this mixed with water, ice and PB2 Powder 1-2 times each day. It tastes like a dessert!

If you are interested in ordering any Advocare products, my friend, Alex Woolverton, is a great resource! She can answer any questions and can get you much better prices on products than you will find on Amazon. Contact her via her website here.

Stylishly yours,

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    How did you determine your macros and calories? Is this based on initial starting weight? How many calories did you typically try to eat in a day? This is so inspiring!! You look great! Keep up the good work!!!

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