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1) Belts! I have no idea how to wear them! With what? Where’s the right placement? Wide? Skinny? Help! {tweet from @BeckyTaylorTN}
Belts, belts, belts. So many of our clients have trouble with belts! These accessories are so wearable, and can change the look of an outfit entirely, so let’s make sure you all know how to wear them!First of all, you can wear belts with just about anything… from pants to skirts to dresses.

When belting a dress, make sure you are belting the smallest part of your waist. This is going to be the most flattering part of your middle. Don’t go for the slinky belts that hang down around your hips. Hip-hugging belts with dresses = UNFLATTERING!

When it comes to skinny or wide, it’s really up to you! In my opinion, skinny belts create a more put-together, traditional, classy look whereas wide belts create a more casual, fun look. It is great to have some good skinny belts (I highly recommend purchasing a leopard skinny and a solid color!), and a wide belt that has elastic stretch to it, in your closet.You can belt any of your jeans, dress pants, etc. I love tucking a blouse into higher-waisted jeans or trousers, and belting with my skinny leopard belt. It adds that pop of fun, while keeping it classy with a thin belt. A thin belt with pants is very flattering.

And then there’s skirts! One of my favorite looks is a high-waisted skirt (these are flattering on virtually EVERY body type!) and a belt. Whether you have a skirt that has belt loops in it already, or you just want to wrap your belt around the top of the skirt, skinny or wide, it doesn’t matter. One fun thing that I always encourage clients to do is take a dress or skirt in their closet that has a tie belt, or a belt that came with it, and replace it with one of your other belts. This usually works out great because the skirt or dress already has loops for the belt, and you change the look of your outfit in an instant!

Here are some great ways to belt dresses, skirts, pants and even tops!:

So grab your belts, and start experimenting! We would love to see what you come up with!

2) Ok, maxi skirts. How do I wear them? Summer only or winter too? and with what?? {question on the blog from Emily}

Maxi skirts are great – they can be casual yet dressy, fun yet formal, and yes- can be worn year round! Here are some tips:

High-waisted maxis are fabulous. They usually hug you around the small of your waist, which (like I said above) is very flattering. These are also great for belting. Maxis that sit on your hips are also great! They can be paired with a tank or tee, and really make for a fun daytime, casual outfit.

You can also dress maxi skirts up by pairing them with silky blouses, tucking the blouse in and belting, and pairing with wedges or heels. For wearing maxis in the summer, find a fun, bright color that is super flowy and lightweight material. For wearing maxis in the winter, shoot for darker colors that are made of a heavier material. You can wear maxis in the winter with tights and boots, wedges, or flats. They can be paired with any blouse up top, and even a fun vest or scarf on top to dress your look up a bit.

Here are some examples of how to wear maxi skirts, and both summer and winter options:

What is your favorite way to wear your maxi skirts? We’d love to see! Tweet us @editbylauren, or leave a comment.

We’ll be back again for edition  3 of {ask edit}, so keep those questions coming! Your’s could be answered next.

Stylishly Yours,

Courtney Sig

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