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Confession… I have struggled with frizzy hair my entire life. I’m a slave to flat irons and smoothing products. 

Don’t beleive me? Well, here is the proof. This is what my hair looks like “el natural” after being blow-dried just a bit.

I have researched a lot of smoothing treatments over the years, but haven’t ever tried one due to fear of it messing up my hair color and being too much maintenance to keep up with.

So, when I was recently introduced to a brand-new product called Texture Tame, I was intriqued by its promise to deliver results while at home.

Texture Tame is a is the first at-home hair treatment that delivers frizz-free hair permanently, without exposure to toxic chemicals. It’s a 3-step system that works by sealing the surface of the hair with a protective hydrophobic {“water fearing”} film that tricks your hair into believing it doesn’t need moisture from the hair. The result is silky-smooth hair each and every day, regardless of the weather!! It’s safe for color-treated hair, too.

Here are my “after results” from applying one treatment of Texture Tame.

Images by Amanda Pulley.

I found Texture Tame extremely easy to use and am very happy with the results. I noticed a huge difference right away, as soon as I began drying my hair! Since a friend of mine owns a salon and I was already going in for hair color, I chose to complete the steps in his salon and snap pics there, but this treatment is created and intended for in-home use.

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Stylishly yours,

This post is sponsored by DermStore and TextureTame.

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