outfit 1 details :: aventura sweater cardigan // tank // jeans // flats (similar) // crossbody // short necklace // long pendant // blessed bracelet // jewel bracelet // spike bracelet

outfit 2 details :: aventura jacket // turtleneck (similar) // scarf (similar) // jeans // crossbody // jewel bracelet // wrap bracelet // earrings // booties

Photos by Kate Davis Photo

In the current retail world, 97% of our fashion choices are outsourced to other countries, so I was pleasantly surprised to discover Aventura Clothing, a family owned and operated company based in Nevada.… Continue Reading

falling for camo

(See what I did there?)

(Yes, I embarrass myself.  Daily.)

BUT. Then, there are the days I wear camo.  Now, I’m not saying that your kids will definitely obey you if you are wearing camo, but there’s always the chance that they mistake you for a sergeant or something, and just fall the heck in line.… Continue Reading

weekend update

Weekends are for lounging and relaxing.  Elastic waist bands are key to comfort and an effortless style is crucial for a successful two days off from demanding schedules.… Continue Reading