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The first of the year is always a time of reflection.  We look at our eating habits, our spiritual road map, our relationships, and of course our overspending ways.  After several weeks of buy buy buy, we use the month of January to reset our clocks and make a fresh start with the New Year.

Every year the stylish Abby Strock (@mrsstrock) and I embark on a 30 day challenge together on Instagram.  We commit to shop our closets and create 30 outfits using what we already own without repeating a look and without shopping.  Sounds hard, right?  It’s actually quite simple! IMG_4584

The point of the challenge is to love what you have.  It forces you to rethink the items in your closet in different ways.  When you do this, you shop smarter and spend more wisely instead of making poor purchases.  You realize what you own and make a shopping list of what you need.IMG_4482

You will be amazed at the little gems you discover hidden in your closet.  It could be a sweater, a shirt, or a new way to wear that statement necklace you thought only went with black.  It’s the perfect time to get reacquainted with the clothes you already own.IMG_4249

After your 30 outfits are complete, you have a better relationship with your closet, a list of things you need, and a little extra money in your wallet to shop at your favorite stores.  You ready to join?


Follow us along on Instagram at @jackiemewbourne and @mrsstrock.  We would love for you to play along!

Happy Shopping!

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