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If you’ve been reading any of my posts, or following me on Instagram, then you already know that I am an obsessive weirdo about a HUGE FAN of color.  Looking into my closet, you’ll see about 90% color, and 10% neutrals.
In other words, 90% crazy and 10% sane.

(That actually explains a lot about me, now that I think about it.)

So, when Lauren asked me to show you guys my favorite “pop of color” shoes, I knew the only hard part would be narrowing down my choices. Here goes nothing!

These are, without a doubt, my top pick for spring:

J. Crew Everly Suede Pumps in Chrome Green

Look at them.  They’re dying to be in my closet, right?  I’d pair these with some cuffed, skinny boyfriend jeans, and a cute blazer or leather jacket for a fun datenight look.

A runner-up for my absolute favorite?

These. I am loving the bright orange, paired with that barely there stripe of hot pink.

But since I would have to sell both of my arms to actually buy these shoes, allow me to show you a few more affordable options.  (I love you J.Crew. But I really don’t want to dip into AG’s college fund for these.)

I am OBSESSED with this fun coral color!  Plus, at $69, they’re super reasonable. Even more reasonable?


I love and adore these in either the pink or mint green colors.  I’d pair them with cuffed jeans and a cute top, OR a casual shirtdress.

Okay.  Stop looking at me like that. I know what you’re thinking.  Seriously, Sherri??  You expect me to wear neon pink or orange on my FEET?

(Well, yes.  Yes, I do.)

But, I’m a reasonable girl.  I realize that some of the above choices may be way outside your comfort zone. So here’s an option that would allow you to incorporate a little, teeny tiny pop of color.  You know, without feeling like you’re back in 1985.

Mossimo Patricia Sandal in Cobalt

Boom!  Hi, Cobalt.  You’re awesome.

Finally, in anticipation of spring, something like this may come in handy:

If you’re like me, and suffer from “rainy days make me sad” syndrome, then you probably need these immediately.  How can you be sad when you’re wearing lavender boots?  Exactly.

There are great finds in every price range out there!  If your budget is more of the “frugal fashionista” variety, I’d suggest checking out Target and Old Navy.  For those of you who are all, “I love cute shoes, and hey, I don’t need to eat,” then J. Crew is knocking it out of the park this spring.  For everyone in the middle, Zappos and Piperlime have some fab options, and allow you to search by price range.

Have you worn any pops of color lately?  Instagram a pic and #editbylauren to share with us!

Until next time,

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