My Switch to Safer

What if I told you that the FDA hasn’t regulated a single federal law regulating the cosmetic industry since 1938?

And that over 85,000 chemicals have since been introduced to the market?

And that while the European Union has banned 1400 ingredients from cosmetics, the US has only banned 11.

Are you shocked?

I certainly was. And still am.

You see, much like you, I take a lot of pride in taking good care of myself and my family. I workout, try to eat and feed my family as clean and “organically” as possible. I buy the least toxic household cleaners, take high end vitamins and even use essential oils on the daily.

But until recently, I didn’t really think about or examine what I was putting on my skin and my family’s skin.

I’ve been dabbling using Beautycounter for the past year and loved the products I tried. I adored the stylish packaging and the upscale branding.

But when both of my 6-year-old twins began facing minor skin/health issues over the past six months, I started thinking more about what I was applying on their young skin daily, during and after bath time. I took a long hard look at the safety {or lack there of} of the products in my bathroom.

The more I researched and examined the {scary} current state of the US cosmetic industry, and the more I read about mission of Beautycounter to change the system and get safer products in the hands of everyone, the more I became motivated and empowered to start changing products in my own home and to help carry this mission forward.

Here’s what I love about Beautycounter ::

Beautycounter uses a rigorous Ingredient Selection Process that ensures that Beautycounter products work beautifully without compromising your safety. This rigorous process handpicks the best ingredients and rejects the bad stuff, including more than 1,500 questionable or harmful ingredients that they will will never use. {See Beautycounter’s “Never List.”}

I also love that Beautycounter wants stronger laws can help make products safer for everyone, for Congress to prioritize safe beauty and generously donates to non-profit organizations that align with the company’s mission

How amazing is that?

With all that said, Beautycounter products WORK and deliver results. {Unlike so many other “natural” products I have tried in the past.} You will be hearing more about my favs in the coming weeks, but I wanted to start with my top 5 must have products today!

My top FIVE must-have Beautycounter favorites ::

1. Hydrating Body Lotion and Body Butter. This may sound funny but this is one of the first products I purchased from Beautycounter, simply because it made sense to “switch to safer” on something I use all over my body and my kid’s bodies every single day. I mean, you put lotion head to toe, so that is a lot of real estate to put toxic ingredients, right?! My entire family loves the light citrus scent and feel of both the hydrating body lotion and the body butter.

2. Balancing Charcoal Facial Mask. If you follow me on Instastories, you know I LOVE this mask and have no shame showing the world how silly I look in it! I am a mask-lover and have literally tried dozens and dozens of masks over the years. This one is by far my favorite ever. I use it 2-3 times each and every week, and also as a spot treatment for any blemishes that appear. It keeps my skin smooth, clean and radiant. I also just ordered the Brightening Mask today, and am excited to try it, since I hear it’s amazing for skin discoloration and sun spots.

3. Protect Sunscreen Sticks. It seems that you have to have been living in a cave this past year to have missed ALL the news reports about chemical/toxen-laden sunscreen that is abounding in nearly every mainstream brand these days!

Sunscreen was one of my top priority products to switch to safer this Summer. I love all the Beautycounter Sunscreen products but the Protect Face Stick and Body Stick have been game-changers for my family. My kids love them, and actually ask for them each time we head out to the beach, lake or pool. They apply them themselves without complaints and it feels like a true miracle! I personally love that I can touch up my face {even over makeup} with the Protect Face Stick and that neither stick leaves a greasy or white film. These are a must-have for your pool/beach bag!

4. Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20. This three-in-one moisturizer, sunscreen and foundation has been a life saver this summer. I wear it on the daily to the gym, the pool, running errands, etc. {I like to apply it with my BeautyBlender, but you can also apply with this brush.} It gives light coverage and great sun-protection. It’s no surprise it’s an Allure Magazine “Best of Beauty” Award Winner!

{Note :: I prefer a heavier foundation for evening, events and photo-shoots…but this one is great for my everyday running around town, and saves time since it is three-in-one!} I wear shade No.3 as do most people I know with medium toned skin.

5. Cleansing Balm. This is the best face cleanser, and also the most unique, I have ever used. I use the Cleansing Balm every night to remove my makeup. I apply a dime-sized amount to my dry face, and then rinse away with water and the included muslin cloth. ALL my makeup…including eye makeup and lipstick…melts away!

Since I have oily/combination skin, I only use this at night. {I like to use the Charcoal Bar and/or the Rejuvenating Face Cleanser in the morning.} But if you have dryer skin, you can use this balm twice a day, and can also use it as a ultra-hydrating mask. I was scared to use this on my combination skin, but is has kept my skin clear, clean and radiant thanks to the much-needed hydration and Vitamin-C! And one tub lasts 6-9 months, so it is well-worth the small investment.

If you have questions about Beautycounter, products and ingredients, the mission…anything at all, please feel free to reach out to me anytime via email at If you are interested in learning more about joining the Beautycounter mission and movement, I would love chat and tell you more about joining my team!

I look forward to sharing more of my journey with you as I switch to safer! Stay tuned for more about Beautycounter’s makeup coming to the blog next week.

Stylishly yours,

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