My Necklace Design Launch with Sequin Jewelry!

Today is an exciting day! Months in the making, the necklace I designed with Sequin Jewelry launches today!

I named this piece the “Hope Necklace” as Hope is a special word to me and my family, one that has sustained us through heart-breaks, hard-ships and trials over the years, particularly the loss of my dad in September 2020.

When I first met virtually with Sequin Creative Director, Tara, we discussed incorporating the word and meaning of Hope into this piece. I loved her suggestion of designing a dogwood blossom – a delicate flower that endures beautifully through challenging conditions. The dogwood is also one of my favorite trees in Georgia, my home state, and always a symbol of fresh beginnings each Spring when they bloom all over Atlanta.

A little about why the word and meaning of Hope is so dear to me ::

We all need hope to press on when life gets hard and confusing. I {along with my mom and family} clung to the hope that we will see my Dad again in Heaven one day while spending his final days and hours next to him. As a believer in Jesus, hope is the “footing” by which I am able to truly believe that whatever I am facing, as hard as life can get, this is not the final “verdict.” Better days will come. Life will not always feel as overwhelming as it can on the darkest of days, and I am grateful to have eternal Hope, beyond this life and world. To me, strength to press on in challenging circumstances is a by-product of HOPE.

I sent each of the ladies in my weekly bible study small group this necklace, and was honored for them to join me for a few pictures wearing our Hope necklaces this week. One thing I have learned the past few years especially, is that we need community and friends to help remind us to hope. This group of beautiful and smiling faces have been shook to the core this year with loss and tragedy. Together we have cried many tears, asked many questions and have held each other up when life has felt inexplicably cruel. We have had to remind each other again and again to have hope. We have grown in strength and depth of friendship because we have hope. I am more grateful than every for this authentic, supportive group of women who see me at my best and at my worst, always cheer me on and help me to live out a life of hope and faith!

Last but not least, I am so happy my mom stopped by yesterday while we were shooting these pics…and happened to be wearing her Hope Necklace! If I had to pick one person who consistently embodies the word HOPE to me, it is my mom. Life has thrown a lot of challenges, trials and hardships to my mom over the years…more so than to most people I know. My Mom’s faith, hope and optimism have always been unwavering… such an incredible example to me. Thank you, Mom, for teaching me how to live out Hope in your daily life, through life’s thick and thin. I have learned what Hope looks like, lived out, because of you!

I hope that you find this necklace as beautiful and meaningful as I do, and that you will perhaps gift yourself, or someone special with it.

The Hope charm can be purchased here.

Chain options are linked here. {I am pictured wearing the Ball Chain.}

You can preview your necklace and even add other charms here.

Last but not least, enjoy 20% off any Sequin purchase with code LAUREN20.

If you purchase a Hope charm, please tag me @laurenlefevre on social media so I can see!

Also, a big thank you to the amazing Sequin team for inviting me to be a part of this special collaboration, and for all the time, heart and dedication you have put into creating this beautiful piece with me.

Stylishly yours,



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