My LASIK Experience with Atlanta Vision Institute :: Part 1

I got my first pair of glasses in the third grade. They were huge with clear-purple frames, and although I now cringe at how “nerdy” they must have looked, I recall how amazing it felt to be able to actually see the chalk board clearly!

Since third grade, I have been wearing glasses or contacts every day of my life. I have woke each morning and put my glasses on before doing anything else. Since I don’t love wearing glasses outside of the house, I have struggled with the annoyance of putting in contacts each day for over 20 years!

If you are a fellow contact lens wearer, you understand the pain of ripped contacts, the trouble of traveling with cases and solution, the frustration contacts falling out unexpectedly and even the discomfort of styes, something that I have had frequently the past few years!

Finally, this past December, my eye doctor suggested I get LASIK. The idea intrigued me and made ma a bit nervous, all at the same time.

I did my own thorough research and found Dr. Ashraf at Atlanta Vision Institute. From the moment I met Dr. Ashraf during our consult, I felt comfortable with him and confident in his expertise.

Dr. Ashraf has performed over 40,000 LASIK surgeries and Atlanta Vision Institute is the first eye vision center in the state of Georgia to offer SMILE LASIK, which allows for a quick 8-10 minute procedure and rapid recovery! Our consultantion showed I was a good candidate for LASIK, answered my questions and put my mind at ease about the procedure!

I’m excited to share more with you about my LASIK surgery here on the blog and on social media soon. In the mean time, feel free to pop over to my Instagram highlights @laurenlefevre, where you will find my experience documented under the hot pink tab titled “LASIK” on my profile! {See pic below.}

  Click on the highlight LASIK to see my entire experience documented!
Click on the highlight LASIK to see my entire experience documented!

If you are on the fence about LASIK and are in the Atlanta area,  I encourage you to schedule a free consult ASAP with Dr. Ashraf at AVI. Atlanta Vision Institute has three convenient and beautiful office locations around Atlanta, including Johns Creek, Midtown and Dunwoody. Use code LAUREN2020 for 20% off your procedure, and feel free to email me with any questions!

Stay tuned for more about my procedure and amazing experience with Atlanta Vision Institute coming soon!

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