Last Minute Amazon Stocking Stuffers

If you are like me, you are still searching for some last minute stocking stuffers!

Here’s some great items, sure to please a variety of ages. All are Amazon and all can arrive before Christmas!

  1. Keychain Wallet Bracelet, $9. One of the best under-$10 on Amazon, and a best-seller year-after-year. Comes in tons of colors.
  2. Larkly Powder Sunscreen, $28. This safe and easy-to-apply sunscreen is a perfect gift for tennis players, runners, or anyone who loves the outdoors! I keep one in my tennis bag as well as my beach/pool bag, and my kids love it, too!
  3. Keyboard Pop It, $14. According to my 11-year-old daughter, this is a GREAT stocking stuffer for fidget-loving kids of any age!
  4. Smith’s Lip Balm, three pack, $18. This is my favorite lip balm. {Lily loves it, too.} This is a fantastic deal for three, perfect two split between three stockings!
  5. Rechargable Candle Lighter, $13. One of my most-used new Amazon gadgets of 2021, and a must for every home! This works fantastic and saves money from purchasing the disposable lighters.
  6. Glamorous Wash, $25. The most lovely-smelling laundry detergent. A friend gifted it to me a few weeks ago after my surgery and I have been washing my sheets, robe and pajamas in it. Such a nice gift for any lady!
  7. Mighty Patch, $12.99. A great gift for tweens/teens or any one who breaks out!
  8. Diamond Dazzle Stick, $6.99. Another new Amazon find I am loving! Shines up diamonds so quickly!
  9. Foot Peel Mask, $20. A must-try! The results are incredible. In my opinion, the winter is the best time to use.
  10. Fake Bake Self-Tanner, $28. My favorite self-tanner!
  11. Earring set, $23. 81 pairs of earrings! My daughter loves this set!

For more last minute Amazon gift ideas for everyone on your list, check out my recent Amazon Live Stream here and my Amazon Shop here.

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