Green Summer Smoothie Recipe

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know I did a Smoothie Reset last week and absolutely LOVED it! I felt MORE energy and LESS bloat by filling my body with tons of fresh, micro-nutrients via two smoothies a day. {I ate real food, too, don’t worry!}

This green smoothie has since become my go-to daily “snack.” I adapted it a bit from the originial recipe I tried and think this one is delish, refreshing and filling! It’s perfect for hot summer days and, if you are like me, you will begin to crave it and all the good-for-you ingredients!

In order to save time, mess and clean-up, I recommend making a bunch of smoothies at once! Portion them into individual ziplock bags and freeze! {See pic below.} Then just add the coconut water and lemon oil to the blender when you are ready to enjoy! Shop my go-to lemon essential oil here.

Speaking of health, I will be kicking off a new round of the Faster Way to Fat loss with my coach and friend, Amberly, on July 6th. The group will fill fast, so hop on our wait-list here if you are interested.

Happy Smoothie Making!


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