Be honest.  You went a little “Olivia Pope, it’s handled” in your mind, didn’t you?

You’re my people.

But, I’m actually talking about gladiator sandals today.  They are basically the Olivia Pope of shoes, since they can handle anything.  Dress? Sure. Shorts, OKAY! 

(Just don’t tuck your jeans into them.  That’s the one thing they can’t handle.)

(I’m sure even Ms. Pope has her limits.)

(No. She really doesn’t.)

I styled my gladiators with this ridiculously comfy and cute sleeveless jersey dress. The beauty of these shoes is that they are FLAT.  As in, I can walk all day in them.  But they also say, I’m a sassy mom, and oh yeah, It’s HANDLED.  #amiright?

sleeveless dress {similar here and here}  || denim jacket || gladiator sandals || rebecca minkoff handbag 

Don’t worry, if these sandals aren’t your deal, I’ve linked to some of my current faves.  

Or as Olivia would say, It’s handled.

Until next time,

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