The Importance of Girlfriends…and great Spring Accessories

It’s Women’s History Month and was also International Women’s Day last week. I am excited to team up with one of my most favorite shoe/handbag/accessory brands, Sole Society, to share some super cute Spring looks, and also to share about how my life is enriched by my girlfriends.

outfit details ::

Lauren’s outfit :: dress FREE PEOPLE | shoes SOLE SOCIETY | bag SOLE SOCIETY | earrings GORJANA | sunglasses KAREN WALKER | ring KENDRA SCOTT | cuff JULIE VOS

Mabry’s outfit :: similar dress here and here | similar cardigan | shoes SOLE SOCIETY | bag SOLE SOCIETY

Tally’s outfit :: top NORDSTROM | jeans 7FAM | shoes SOLE SOCIETY | bag SOLE SOCIETY | sunglasses QUAY | similar necklace

Candace’s outfit :: tee FREE PEOPLE | shoes SOLE SOCIETY, another similar bootie here | bag SOLE SOCIETY 

Let’s face it, “adulting” and motherhood is tough. Sure, there are days when you feel like a superhero, your kids are dressed in stain-free, coordinating outfits and the house is spotless. But, if we are honest, most days feel more like pure survival!

I have been blessed with an amazing tribe of girlfriends. These friends are a true gift, and I absolutely couldn’t thrive or be my best self without strong, honest and supportive women in my life. My entire family actually gets to benefit of my community of friends, because when when my soul is filled-up, it over-flows into my marriage and parenting for the good.

Here are a few things I have learned about cultivating and maintaining friendships over the past six years as a mom ::

1. Make time for girl time. Sure it’s fun {and very necessary!} to do playdates with friends and their kiddos, but it’s also important to have time with just the ladies, sans kids. Girl’s nights and girl’s trips are a must to get to really talk and focus on each other, without distractions.

My tip :: Plan at least one girl’s weekend a year and try to have 1-2 girl’s nights a month. GNO’s don’t have to be extravagant. Some of my favorite girl’s nights involves getting together in yoga pants at someone’s house for wine and conversation. 

2. Be vulnerable and honest. Us women sure do love looking like we have it all together. I know I sure do! I’ve learned through the school of hard-knocks that keeping up that appearance is utterly exhausting and actually boxes us out of true friendships, rather than cultivating community. Why? Because the truth is that NONE of us have our act together all the time, and there is freedom in letting your guard down, admitting your struggles, and letting other women {who can totally relate!} encourage us wherever you are at! It is the BEST FEELING to be real and be loved just where you are!

My tip :: Don’t wait for your friends to open up. Start the authenticity-train by sharing something you are struggling with. I promise other’s will follow your lead and appreciate that you are inviting them to be real. Also, when someone shares something really vulnerable, be a trust-worthy friend and keep these honest convos sacred.

4. Playdate swap. As my kids have grown a bit older and it’s less work to watch each other’s kids the same age, some of my best girl friends and I have started some “playdate swaps.” Basically, this feels like “free babysitting!” What we will do is trade off watching each other’s kids, but when you pair up with kids that are good friends with your kids, all the kids play and both mamas get a break! Genius, right? Also consider doing this for date nights with your spouse and ask a friend to trade watching each others kids for an evening. It saves money and the hassle of finding a sitter…and the kids get to have fun, too!

5. Work through conflict. Any relationships that are true and authentic are bound to face conflict eventually. Us women hate conflict, don’t we? It seems that most of us would rather sweep hurt feelings under the rug. But I’ve learned over the years that that only builds a wall in between our relationships. Just like a marriage has to work through conflict to get stronger, so do our friendships. I am someone who will always hate conflict, but I have learned over the past few years that having those hard, honest conversations with the friends you love can bring you closer. 

My tip :: If a friendship is worth fighting for {most are!} and you feel a sense of hurt or distance, approach it head on, in the most gentle way possible. Be the first to own up to your own faults and take responsibility for you. Give lots of grace. Then after resolving the conflict, jump back into hanging out, so that distance doesn’t overpower your relationship.

Changing subjects a bit, let’s talk a bit about my outfit and Sole Society’s amazing selection of Spring accessories. Like I mentioned above, Sole Society is one of my main go-to sources for shoes and handbags, because the quality, style and affordably cannot be beat. Truly, most of my favorite everyday shoes are Sole Society…they are all so comfortable!

The Audrina espadrille platform wedges I am wearing in this post were some most popular sandals of last summer, and I am thrilled that Sole Society brought them back. I love the mid-height and versatility of these shoes. They are my go-to everyday and travel sandal. {They run true to size, too.}

Speaking everyday accessories, my go-to daily bag is a cross-body bag. I love being “hand free” while running around town with my kids, and also while traveling. The Sole Society Kianna crossbody is so fab, under $50, and also comes in white.

You may have noticed that all for of us ladies are wearing cognac brown shoes and handbags. And that this color looks so good with each of our outfits! If you are wondering what color is the most versatile for Spring/Summer, go with a neutral brown. It even pairs with black!

Shop our Sole Society accessories ::

Cheers to great girlfriends and fab Spring accessories!

Thank you to Sole Society for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.





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    This post is filled with so much love and insight plus wonderful pictures of friendship. Thanks for sharing your gifts with us ❣️


    This post is filled with so much love and insight plus wonderful pictures of friendship. Thanks for sharing your gifts with us ❣️


    This post is filled with so much love and insight plus wonderful pictures of friendship. Thanks for sharing your gifts with us ❣️

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