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Look. I totally know what you’re thinking.  But Sherri, we don’t need any gift ideas for our men! They are always so easy to shop for!
Aw, aren’t you adorable?  You’re also just a tiny bit delusional.

Because men are the worst to buy for.  Literally, the WORST.  When you ask them what they want for Christmas, they’ll typically say something like:

Well, I really need some socks….

Oh, I don’t really want anything, babe. I already have you, what more could I need?

(Wait. I might’ve made up that last part. It’s obviously what they mean, though.)

Or, my personal favorite, I’ve already ordered myself some clothes/gadgets/hunting gear, etc.  You can just wrap it up and give me that.

Um, NO.

In an effort to make up for their inevitable lameness about making a Christmas wish list, I’ve come up with a little cheat sheet for you ladies.  These have all been approved by my husband, so that means they’re legit.

It also means that I tricked him into giving me a wish list this year.



Gift Guide :: For Your Man


1.  Nixon “The Corporal” Bracelet Watch  This watch just screams “I’m a stud,” am I right? 

2. Lululemon Precision Tee  For YEARS, my husband has been throwing out rash statements like, “lululemon is overpriced” and “you can find the same thing at Target.” But, then, I forced him to try one of these tees.  And I may or may not have caught him hugging it and trying to sneak it up to the cash register.  

I’m just saying.

3.  Kindle Paperwhite  This one’s for all of the readers out there.  And all I have to say about it is that it’s basically a magical invention, sent from the Lord above. 

4. The Complete “Breaking Bad” Box Set   I’m gonna be honest.  I don’t get the whole Breaking Bad phenomenon.  I mean, it’s not on the CW, and it doesn’t have any elements of teen vampire romance.  But apparently guys think it’s the best thing that ever happened to television, so your man would totally think you’re awesome for this. Promise.

5.  FitBit Force Flex Wireless   Guys love gadgets, and guys are competitive, right?  So this little gadget that tracks your activity level each day, along with your sleep patterns (among other cool things) will probably make him compete with himself to be as healthy as possible.  Wins all around!

6. Frye “Chambers Low” Sneaker  I have to admit, I didn’t even find this one myself.  This was all John, showing me something awesome that I didn’t know about.  Which is rare, but I guess it happens.  If your man loves to wear sneakers, these are a super classy twist on the sneakers and jeans look.

7.  Birchbox Man Subscription  Your man probably won’t ever admit this, but I’ll bet he LOVES a good product.  And this monthly subscription box of 5 grooming and lifestyle products for men is TOTALLY going to be a hit.

As long as you don’t mention it in front of his friends.

8. AG “Protege” Straight Leg Pant  John recently got a pair of these, and he loves them so much that he may or may not be sleeping in them.  (Okay, he’s not. But I’ll bet he wants to.) And ladies? You will totally be saying “dang.” 

9. 1901 “Colt” Slipper  Apparently, guys like to be cozy during the winter too.  And these slippers are as cozy as they come.  You may even want to steal them from him. 

10. TRX Suspension Trainer Set   If your guy is into physically torturing himself in the name of fitness, then he’ll definitely be impressed with this gift.  Although he may make you use it too.  

You’ve been warned.

Now get to work on your own wish lists! Or you may just wind up with socks. 

Until next time,

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