deconstructing denim

One thing on my wish list for fall is a pair of destroyed, ripped, torn, (or whatever you want to call it) jeans.  Why on earth would anyone want to spend good money or want to wear a pair of ripped up jeans?
Since you asked…here is why.

1. It’s still warm in most parts of the country so a few holes lets in a little breeze.denim look 4

2. Your mom wouldn’t let you buy a pair in high school so it’s time to rebel and relive your teenage years, but with more wisdom and maturity (maybe).

denim look 2

3. You’ve always wanted to look like a rockstar, but can’t sing.  Why not dress the part.

denim look 1

4.  Your Pinterest failures outweigh your successes so better to leave this DIY project to the experts.

denim look 3

5. You’re a slave to fashion (me too) and you’ll do anything to avoid the dreaded “mom jeans” look.

denim look 5

Olivia Palermo 

If I haven’t convinced you to join in on the trend, here are a few pairs I’m checking out.  Yes, click on the arrows.  It’s new for me too!

If you already have a favorite pair of jeans that look like a reminder of your 80’s hair band days, then bust those babies out and walk proud.  Just make sure they still fit and don’t show your girly bits.

Happy Shopping!

Screen shot 2013-08-20 at 3.03.23 PM


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