Atlanta Mart Influencer Panel

Last week I had the tremendous honor of speaking on a panel with three other influencers from around the Southeast at Atlanta Apparel. We discussed influencers and technology in front of an audience of store owners and buyers from around the country.

left to right :: Mireille Beckwith of City Peach, Brooke Webb of KB Styled, Bailey Schwartz of Daily with Bailey

The best part about this experience was that these three girls are real-life friends and girl-bosses that I totally respect! It was so fun to share the stage with these beauties.

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As a panel, we discussed how retailers can most effectively work with influencers, how retailers can provide their customers with a personalized shopping experience and superior service and where technology is trending in the world of online shopping and e-commerce!

We also hit on Spring trends and what we are most looking forward to wearing in the coming months. We all agreed on loving the color of the year, Coral, and looking forward to bold prints, florals, white accessories and lots of textured and wicker handbags coming back!

Atlanta Apparel benefits people from all over the Southeast, from buyers to exhibiters. Categories at the mart include contemporary, young contemporary, ready-to-wear, fashion accessories and more, plus specialty categories such as children’s, plus-size, bridal and social occasion.

Did you know that Atlanta Apparel is not just open to shops and buyers? Three “cash and carry” floors are open to the public anytime. You can apply online to register for a pass and shop anytime Atlanta Apparel is open! After speaking, the four of us enjoyed a shopping spree at the cash and carry jewelry shop Golden Stella where I scored a bag-full of super-affordable and fun accessories!

I received SO many questions about my dress on Instagram last week. It’s really the perfect shirt dress and a versatile piece to wear Spring, Summer and/or Fall. It looks great worn with or without a belt, and I have located it several places on sale. {See links below.} I am wearing a size Small and highly recommend! It’s also now ON SALE!

A big thank you to Atlanta Apparel for inviting me to be a part of this influencer panel! It was such a joy and honor to be a part and I hope to do it again! Thank you, also, to all the buyers and shop-owners who came out to listen and learn. It was so fun meeting many of you!

Stylishly yours,


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