38 {big & small} things I learned this year

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I turned THIRTY EIGHT on Sunday, so in honor of my birthday week, here are 38 random things I have learned this past year ::

  1. That I feel more like 25 than 38 most days. I now understand why my parents and grandparents are/were baffled by aging. It’s truly a strange phenomenon!

  2. That Audible is a genius way to listen to books on the fly. I’m now “reading” at least a book a month thanks to it! I listen while I get ready in the morning, drive around town, walk/jog and tidy the house!

  3. To curl my hair with a curling iron! It took me over two decades of trying and failing! Video recording my stylist curling my hair and then replaying the process at home while styling myself was the secret to my success.

  4. To play tennis {again} after not touching a racket in over 20 years.

  5. To let go of striving for relationships that don’t reciprocate and that aren’t life giving.

  6. To more fully invest in relations that are authentic, honest and fill my soul.

  7. To more quickly own up to my shortcomings. It’s amazing how much faster it diffuses conflict!

  8. That I am chronically late. And that it’s my own fault 80% of the time! By accepting my responsibility, I am slowly but surely work on changing…because running late gives me anxiety EVERY SINGLE TIME!

  9. To be more confident without makeup.

  10. That choosing more time with family is always the better decision.

  11. That home renovations are 100% more stressful and infinitely longer than you anticipate.

  12. To trust my gut with home design decisions. I am not half as bad as I think!

  13. That I am not super woman.

  14. That hiring someone to help fold and put away laundry is worth its weight in gold.

  15. That UberEats and Instacart are two life savers for busy/working mamas.

  16. That jotting down notes before bed is a great way to “empty” my brain of racing thoughts/to do’s, enabling me to fall asleep faster.

  17. To put down my phone more often and be present. “Hiding” it in another part of the house is often helpful!

  18. That no matter how old I get, my need for my mama never lessens.

  19. That losing a family dog is absolutely heart-breaking.

  20. That taking my vitamins & supplements every day makes me feel tremendously more energetic and less anxious.

  21. That if I don’t respond to a text message right away, I am likely to forget to completely.

  22. That I function much better when the inside of my closet and my car are clean.

  23. That I’ll never get used to people recognizing me in public from Instagram. I always love meeting fans/followers, yet never fail to be surprised they know me!

  24. That you’ll never regret being overly generous, gracious, kind or forgiving.

  25. That less truly is more.

  26. That I should have gotten LASIK years ago…it’s a game changer to see without glasses and contacts.

  27. That I am my very worst and judgmental critic.

  28. That most people are FAR more gracious with me than I am to myself.

  29. That I need to unplug more.

  30. That I really feel SO much better when I exercise 5x a week, drink plenty of water and get at least 7 hours sleep.

  31. That vulnerability is pretty much always met with open arms, and leads to closer, richer relationships.

  32. That high thread count bed sheets are well worth the investment.

  33. That I, a self-proclaimed high-heel gal, like wearing sneakers and flats WAY more than I always thought.

  34. That true friends cheer you on and celebrate your joys and successes, even when life isn’t throwing them the same cards.

  35. To let go of trying to manage my kids dressing how “I want them to” all the time, and rather to let them enjoy their own fashion decisions or lack there of! I’ll never forget that this was the year my 7-year-old daughter informed me that she is “sporty, not fashionable” like me!

  36. That the least favorite part of my job is packing up my car for photo shoots and then unpacking after. I often wish for a magic elf to do this for me!

  37. That I am much more driven than I ever really thought…and that it’s both a blessing and a curse, a gift and yet something that I have to balance daily.

  38. That an unexpected compliment and/or generous offer to help goes a long way. And to gratefully accept when someone offers to help! {I often have to remember #13…I am not Super Woman and, when I am honest, need all the helping hands and encouragement I can receive!}

Here’s to another year of learning and growing! Thank you all for being so supportive, year after year, and for enabling me to do what I love!

Stylishly yours,

P.S. This wrap dress is such a good one! Perfect for year-round wear. Just add tights for winter! I am wearing a size small. {I also own it in red and it’s GORG!}

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  • hannah.rinehart@gmail.com

    love this, lauren!

  • hannah.rinehart@gmail.com

    love this, lauren!

  • hannah.rinehart@gmail.com

    love this, lauren!

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