Client Testimonials – Edit by Lauren

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“Lauren is the ultimate professional. She always presents her self professionally through her appearance, actions, and the way she handles all aspects of her business. She truly dresses the part at all times. Her follow through is exceptional. She is a true expert in her industry. She is amazing with her clients and they LOVE her. LOVE her! I have worked with a lot of stylists through Nordstrom and outside of my company over the last ten years and she is the best. I love to work with her because she does a great job and I don’t have to worry about the customer having a bad experience or getting the wrong advice. There is so much of that out there! She is also respectful of me and my time. I also think she is a good value because she isn’t priced as high as some and she is the best. One of my favorite traits of hers is her constant positivity. She is always smiling and has something nice to say. So refreshing!”

Katie, Nordstrom Personal Stylist



“I had the most wonderful Express Edit appointment with Sherri this past week! I have the makings of a wonderful wardrobe but didn’t realize how versatile it could be until Sherri started making 5 different outfits with just 1 shirt! She also helped me so much by finding some everyday items that were missing in my wardrobe from a black pencil skirt to chunky and skinny belts! To sum up an already incredibly helpful appointment, Sherri sent me links to the items I needed so I could simply order online. I highly recommend Sherri to someone who needs a total makeover or an already budding fashionista! She’s got the magic touch!”

Lesley, Real Estate Consultant



“My sweet husband surprised me with a wardrobe editing session with Lauren!  It was fabulous!  She helped me clean out all the unstylish, unflattering items in my closet.  She also suggested an outfit I already have to wear to an upcoming party and then sent me a link to some earrings that would make it perfect!  And, she “resurrected” an 8 yr. old sweater and 9 yr. old pair of jeans suggested cuffing the jeans and adding a belt and necklaces to the sweater with some shoes I already own and created a perfect outfit for another holiday party!  My favorite part was going to the mall (which I normally hate) with my “Style File” in hand of strategic items to use with what I already have to make adorable mix and match, effortless looking, cute outfits!!  She told me which stores to hit and exactly what to buy.  The “Style File” is  SO helpful!  In the long run, using Lauren will save us tons of money because I’m not running in the mall, clueless buying something I may or may not wear a few times that essentially goes with nothing that I already own.”

Jennifer, Stay-at-home Mom of 3 small boys, 30′s



Edit By Lauren is the single highlight of my otherwise fashion-less lifestyle. Lauren helped bring clarity to the confusion that existed in my closed by simplifying my wardrobe to styles that not only fit my personality, but are also “in-style.”  After my closet consultation, Lauren created a fun and easy shopping experience as she guided me toward a few purchases that helped further bring my closet and style to life. Edit by Lauren was fast, easy, and fun. I recommend Edit by Lauren to every guy out there.

Dan, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist, 20’s



I LOVE my new clothes and shoes – I feel wonderful in them.  You are talented and fun to work with! My business conference went really well, and my new clothes were the perfect blend of professional and fun.  Thanks for helping me get such great deals by incorporating all those pieces that were on sale.  I wouldn’t have had time to dig through the sales so thanks for taking the time to do that for me!

Tiffany, Corporate Business Owner, 40’s