trail blazer

Mother Nature can certainly mess with your head and your closet during the early months of spring.  The sun is shining, but the temperature doesn’t always follow suit.  … Continue Reading

weekend update

Weekends are for lounging and relaxing.  Elastic waist bands are key to comfort and an effortless style is crucial for a successful two days off from demanding schedules.… Continue Reading

walk the line

Stripes are the easiest way to look like you have your act together without really trying so hard.  With so many options available at every price point imaginable, you can be effortlessly stylish in no time.… Continue Reading

stripe love

Now that summer is here, finding time to create the perfect outfit can be a challenge.  So what is the one item of clothing that every woman absolutely needs in her wardrobe to feel pulled together effortlessly?… Continue Reading

“Show Us Your Stripes” Winners!

It is no secret that the Edit team LOVES stripes. Since we consider striped-patterned clothes and accessories “musts” in our books, especially during the spring and summer, and since there are infinite ways to style stripes, we asked YOU to show us how you are styling your stripes this summer!… Continue Reading