that’s a wrap

The wrap dress is one of the few items of clothing that can universally flatter most any body type.  It’s the perfect dress to accentuate or create a waistline.  … Continue Reading


The beautiful thing about a great cotton tee is that its comfortable and totally acceptable to wear outside the house.  Some of my favorite outfits include a graphic tee and more often than not, you will catch me wearing one on my mom duty days.… Continue Reading


With April being the wettest month of the year, a classic trench is a must have wardrobe staple.  Not only does it provide a little extra warmth for those chilly spring days, but it also gives you a little protection from the rain.… Continue Reading

trail blazer

Mother Nature can certainly mess with your head and your closet during the early months of spring.  The sun is shining, but the temperature doesn’t always follow suit.  … Continue Reading


I love a floral print.  It’s something I always recommend when working with clients.  They are versatile and can be remixed so many different ways.  … Continue Reading