one dress // 4 ways

Dresses are such an underplayed piece in a women’s wardrobe.  So many of us gals think that you can only wear it as is and then hang that baby up for the next occasion.  … Continue Reading

the oversized cardigan

Some days, especially COLD ones, call for super comfy threads. The trending oversized cardigan is just that. Pair a cozy cardi over skinny jeans or leggings, add a scarf and/or long pendant necklace, and you look effortlessly pulled together while feeling completely comfortable.… Continue Reading

winter blooms

Winter is such a mixed bag of emotions.  The sun can’t seem to make regular appearances.  Snow refuses to stick around long enough for a fun snow day.  … Continue Reading

hats off

I have a running joke with my girlfriends that I cannot wear hats.  I’ve tried them in every shape, size, style, color, and I just can’t take myself seriously in them.  … Continue Reading

black denim

Confession :: I didn’t own a pair of black jeans until last month. {Insert gasp.}
I’ve had black jeans in season’s past that have been edited out of my closet over the years, but I haven’t owned or worn a pair for a solid year.… Continue Reading