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Get Puffy

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It's all about layers during the frigid winter months.  Your checklist for a complete layered look should contain a few of these items below. Striped Tee - check

Plaid/printed button down - check

Glam necklace with lots of bling - check

Boyfriend jeans - check

Puffy vest - wait...what?

You got it!  The completer piece for this season's winter outfit is a puffy vest.  I know I know, I was on the fence too.  I mean how can a coat with no sleeves actually keep you warm?  And how many layers are we talking here?

It's more simple than you think so here are a few tips to get you started.

1. Keep it in the color family with pattern mixing and add in a bright color to break it up.IMG_0807 Photo Reference - That's me!  You can find my vest on sale here.

2. Go for a neutral and wear with your favorite plaid.  Shock the hell out of yourself and mix in some leopard.

vest 1

Photo Reference -

3. Add a bold necklace to feel less like a lumberjack and more like a woman.vest 2Photo Reference -

4. Make the outwear piece be your pop of color.vest 3

Photo Reference -

5.  Go crazy and mix the hell out of some prints.vest 4Photo Reference -

Here are a few of my favorites in stores now.j crew vest

J Crew - $120

gap vest

Gap - $70 (on sale)

old navy vest old navy vest 2


Old Navy - $45                                     Old Navy - $35-37

leopard vest

Nordstrom - $119

How will you rock your puffy vest?

Happy Shopping!


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