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a little flare

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Flare jeans are one of my very favorite fashion trends, and it's not only because they're so fetch. (I will never stop trying to make fetch happen. Love, Gretchen Wieners)

Allow me to name all that is awesome about flare jeans:

1.  They are much kinder to a curvy girl's body than their snobbish cousin, the skinny jean.....

2.  ...which means, no longer will you feel like a stuffed sausage when you wear denim.

Disclaimer: If you eat an entire bag of Cadbury mini-eggs, you still might.  Not that I know from experience or anything.

(Except that I do.)

3.  Flare jeans are from my most beloved fashion decade, the 70's....

4.  ....which means, if you are lucky, your mom might have a fabulous vintage pair laying around.

(If not, I've got ya covered at the bottom of the post!)

5.  Flares are super easy to dress up OR down, and look great on everyone.  Boom.

Allow the pictures to do the talking:



Casual hair touch in 3...2....1.....


And btw, is my Gunner & Lux necklace not amazing???

(Sorry.  I get excited about great jewelry.)



Outfit Details :: J.Crew Blazer // Anthropologie Tunic // J Brand Flares {no longer available, similar here and here} // Gunner & Lux Necklace // RayBan Sunglasses // Rebecca Minkoff Hobo

Now that you've obviously been won over by my superior and extremely well thought out list, here are some of my favorite flares out there....happy shopping!

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Until next time,

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