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Winter Skin Savers

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Picture 34It's the middle of wintertime, and let's face it, this can be a rough season for your skin. Dry, flakey, itchy skin is a predictable part of this season. This winter, I've finally found an arsenal of products that have my skin glowing and in tip-top shape. {I just returned back to Texas after almost three weeks in the frigid Northeast and, with the help of these products, my skin was free of dryness, flaking and itchiness, amidst the cold temps!} I LOVE these products so much, I had to share the wealth! 1. Aveda Hand Releif Hand Cream. Best hand cream ever. End of story. It is a winter-time essential. My mom and I have the tradition of getting it for one another in our Christmas stockings each year...and my hands look forward to it every year!

2. L'Occitane Almond Supple Skin Oil. This after-shower oil is divine. Especially in the winter months. I mix a few pumps with a light body lotion and smooth into skin after every bath or shower. It smells amazing and makes your skin oh-so-soft. And an added bonus is that it is great for stretch-marks.

3. Laura Mercier Creme Brulee Sugar Scrub. Exfoliation is key to maintaining smooth skin, especially during the winter months. I use a sugar scrub like this one once a week, for all over my body, before shaving. It makes for a closer shave and better absorption of moisturizer afterwards. This one smells amazing! And I prefer a sugar scrub to a salt scrub, since the sugar doesn't sting like salt sometimes does.

4. Smith's Minted Rose Lip Balm. I am a lip-gloss addict, which means that I despise the feeling of dry lips. I literally cannot fall asleep at night without a super-moisturizing balm on my lips. And this one is my current fav!

5. Arbonne RE9 Eye Cream. I have tried dozens of eye creams and this is the first one I have tried that I have seen visible results quickly on both my eyes and my hubbie's. {Yes, he swears by it, too!} We both use this cream religiously, twice a day.

6. Clarisonic Mia. This was on my Christmas Wish List {and Santa was good to me!}, so this is a new beauty favorite, but one I know I will continue to use every time I wash my face for years to come! My skin felt smoother after the first use, true story! I find that the products I put on after using the Mia are better absorbed and it keeps my face free of dry patches and flakiness. And, since I have been using it the past few weeks, I have had multiple comments by people that my skin is "glowing!"

7. Arbonne Revelage Age Spot Brightening Day Cream. I have somewhat oily/combination skin and am weary of heavy moisturizers and creams. But, in the cooler months, I've learned that a light, oil-free moisturizer just doesn't cut it. I am a recent convert to this Brightening Day Cream. The weight is perfect...very moisturizing, yet my skin never feels greasy. It actually adds a slight glow to your skin, too, and I love that it works on the pesky hyper-pigmentation that pregnancy gifted me with a few years ago! Oh, and it has SPF 30. What more could you ask for?!

There you have it. Seven products that I highly recommend for fab winter skin. Let me know if you try any of these products and love them, too. Or, comment and tell us what product you can't live without during the winter!

Stylishly yours,

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