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the closet project :: wrapping it up


Welcome to the 7th, and final, week of the Closet Project!  Thank you all so much for reading, commenting, and just generally cheering on this little series.  I've had so many people over the last few weeks tell me that the Closet Project has inspired them to "shop" their closets before buying something new.....mission accomplished, y'all. As for me, I've been able to weed out lots of pieces, either unflattering, unworn, or only good in theory.  Plus, I have been TOTALLY challenged to step out of my comfort zone.

(Which means I've actually worn a dress once or twice.  And survived.  Who knew?)

To wrap this series up on a fashion note, I'm going to show you one outfit that I wore two ways this week.

You may or may not remember this blazer from my Christmas Wish List post.....all I can say is, thank you Santa!

(Okay, fine.  Thank you husband.  Thank you for allowing me to put this in my cart at, and then loudly announce that it's 30% off and that I will be walking away from my computer for at least 10 minutes.  Just in case.)

I paired my new blazer (which I may or may  not be practically sleeping in at night, I love it so much), with a short-sleeved lace ombre top, and my skinny boyfriend jeans.  The lace shirt was one of those "back of the closet" finds that I never, ever wear.  I ended up loving the contrast of the lace, with the distressing of the jeans.

In general, I like to go by the rule of opposites.  If it's distressed on bottom?  Make it feminine or structured on top.  Fitted on bottom? Keep it loose and flowy on top.  Business on top? Party on bottom.

(You may also refer to it as Sherri's Mullet Rule.)

(Disclaimer:  Mullets are NOT fashionable.  I am NOT instructing you to wear a literal mullet.)

(I'm just telling you to dress like one.)

Annnnd, moving on......

Here, I decided to run errands dressed like an adult, and not a tired mom who only wants to wear things made of spandex.

(Which I am.  I just don't want people to know it.)

I know I've preached about not wearing the same outfit over and over again.  Guilty as charged this week, friends.  But, with a couple of tweaks, I made a new look.  I added a charcoal and yellow Target scarf I got for Christmas, plus a plain white t-shirt instead of the lace one.  And there you go!

I couldn't resist sassing it up a little, so I wore these instead of the booties:

Another Christmas present:  tiger-print wedges, that I've already found to be surprisingly versatile.  And comfortable.  Win-win.

And that's it for the Closet Project!  I'd show you pictures of all the CP rejects, but there were many.  And that's a lot of uploading.  So, you'll just have to take my word on it.  My closet is lighter, my wardrobe is more streamlined, and I've loved blogging about the progress.  Thank you for reading!

I'll still be posting outfits on Instagram and Twitter, plus pics of deals I find when I'm out shopping with clients.  (NO, husband, I will not be out shopping for myself.  Maybe. No promises.)  And I'll still be blogging at least weekly here on the Edit blog.  Sound off in the comments if there are topics you'd like to see happen.

Except for mullets.  It's not that kind of blog, people.


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