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Target Deals!


Target is one of my happy places.  I like to call it "the home of affordable style."  John likes to call it, "the black hole."  As in, "How much of our money disappeared into the black hole today, Sherri?" (I'm sure he means that in a good way.)

Y'all know what I mean though, right?  Target is definitely the place where I can go get food for a week, pick up a fun nail polish, and grab a cute top.  All at the same time.

In short, it is a modern-day marvel.

And apparently I just turned into an 85 year old.

Lately, I've come across some amazing Target finds, and I knew I had to share.  First up, this leather riding boot:

Y'all.  How cute is this boot?? And even though it's still slightly pricey for Target, this boot is leather.  Not to mention, a fabulous reproduction of a certain brand that starts with an "F" and ends with a "rye."  Yep. You know what I'm talking about.  If you're not up for spending $300+ on a pair of boots, check these out instead!

Kasia Leather Riding Boot $74.99

(Available online only.)

Skinny jeans are a fashion staple that every single one of you should own.  Yes.  Even those of you who think you can't pull them off.  You can.  Trust me.  Don't make me come over there!

(Actually DO make me come over there.  I'd love it!)

I own these Mossimo skinnies, and they are SUPER flattering.  And wait, what's that?  They're ONLY $25?!?!   Oh yeah.  Even if you're not totally sure how you feel about skinny jeans, I guarantee that at $25, you can afford to find out.

Mossimo Skinny Women's Premium Denim $25

I also own this Kaelyn Ankle Boot (okay, fine.  Maybe it IS kind of a black hole.), and I am OBSESSED.  They are pretty similar to this J. Crew bootie.  And again, for a fraction of the price. Love.

Kaelyn Ankle Boot $29.99

And finally, y'all know I love me some Lululemon.  This brand makes working out look super stylish.  (Well, at least until I ruin it by sweating so much that my ponytail starts dripping.  That's not quite as stylish.) But, alas, Lululemon is quite pricey.  So, you can imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon this Lulu-esque workout top by Champion.

Champion Women's Premium 1/4 Zip Jacket

I don't actually own this one.  Yet.  But I'm thinking I see a Target trip in my future......

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