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Mother's Day Gift Guide 2017


Mother's Day is just around the corner and I am excited to team up with my favorite one-stop-gift-shop, Nordstrom, to share some very stylish gift ideas for mamas of any age! 

1. A fun day to night dress. This would be such a cute gift idea to gift along with a night out. Send her out on a date night or girl's night in a stylish new dress!

2. A versatile Spring handbag. Let's be honest, women can never own too many handbags! Nude, white and blush-hued bags are trending for Spring and are a super-practical purchase, since they go with everything.

3. A new pair of sunnies. It's the perfect time of year to sport new sunglasses, and Nordstrom has such an amazing selection at a wide variety of price points and styles!

4. A stylish pair of sandals. Espadrilles are the "it" sandal of the season. They are appropriate for every age and come in lots of different styles and heights. This is a great gift to give the mom that is stylish and/or difficult to shop for!

5. A piece of statement jewelry. You can also never go wrong with jewelry as a gift for your mama. Nordstrom has an awesome selection of affordable jewelry, certain to make any lady smile.

Nordstrom's fantastic selection, free shipping and gift-wrapping service make shopping for any mother in your life a breeze. If you are mom reading this and hoping for one {or more!} of these gifts yourself, be sure to share this post with a loved one!

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Cheers to all you hard-working mamas! I hope you feel showered with love and appreciation this Mother's Day...and every day.

Stylishly yours,

Thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.


gift guide :: for mom

Mom StyleSherriComment

It's that time of year again, ladies.  You know, the time where you drag your husband and children over to the computer and say, "Look!  The Edit girls are so nice, that they put together this fabulous Mother's Day gift guide for you to enjoy!  Feel free to buy me anything from this list, husband." (Also, please feel free to NOT gift me with a vacuum.)


And now....your official 2014 "I Got It For My Mama" Gift Guide.

(I know what you're thinking, and the answer is yes.  I do embarrass myself.)

gift guide :: for mom


1.  Ray Ban "Original Aviator" Sunglasses

My own personal theory is that these transform you from a regular mom into a cool mom, a la Regina George's mom in Mean Girls.  "There are NO rules in this house. I'm not like a regular mom, I'm a cool mom." But you know, in the good way.

2. Quatrefoil Pouch

This pouch is so darling. You could use it for toiletries, makeup, or the candy you're trying to hide from your kids.

3.  La Mer "The Eye Concentrate"

Since our children are the ones giving us wrinkles in the first place, shouldn't they be the ones helping us fight them?

4.  Kendra Scott "Rayne" Tassel Pendant in Neon Pink

I'm pretty sure if you're wearing this neon pink pendant necklace, you can get away with saying things like, "totes adorbs."

Except that, NO.  No one can actually get away with that. But, rock this necklace, and you can get away with almost everything else. Use code "EDITBYLAUREN" at checkout and you'll receive 15% off AND free shipping.

5.  PJ Salvage Pajamas

Moms are tired, y'all.  It's just part of the game.  Help the mom in  your life relax in cute pajamas, and not, for example, oversized t-shirts and her husband's boxers.

6.  Dolce Vita "Shandy" Sandal

If you're wearing these, you are totally allowed to say "Hey, hey, hey, how are my best girlfriends" to your daughter's friends.  And you may not even get an eye roll.

(Okay, you will definitely get an eye roll.  But they will probably try to steal your shoes when you aren't looking.)

7.  Pineapple Ice Trays

Clearly no mom actually has time to do things like make pineapple shaped ice. But if we did, we would want these trays.  And then we'd want you take pictures to instabrag our fancy ice all over social media.

8.  Pop-In-Greetings "Hey Lil Lady" Moustache Stationary

Dear Men,

Anything that refers to your woman as a "lil lady" is what we call a "no-brainer." Actually, this Mother's Day, why don't you buy us some adorable handmade stationary from this Nashville-based company, and then use it to write your own thank-yous?  You know, instead of tricking us into doing it for you.

And if your first one is to us (you know, for being so awesome), then that is completely fine. {Bonus :: this adorable line of stationary allows you to mix and match greetings to create any kind of card you need.  From funny to thoughtful and flirty to romantic, it’s like having the entire card aisle at your you'll be saving your mom time while helping her appear oh-so-thoughtful at the drop of a hat!}

9.  Skinny Monogram Bangle

These are so cute, and coincidentally, also helpful for the days in which we forget our own names.

10.  Clarisonic Cleansing Skin System

Men, this is not a trick.  If we open this on Mothers Day, we promise not to make comments like "Are you saying I have BAD SKIN?!?!?  Would you love me more if I looked YOUNGER?!?!?"

We will graciously accept it, and keep our overly-sensitive mouths shut.

For at least a week.

Until next time,

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