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sherri's summer essentials

Spring/Summer StyleSherriComment

My summer essentials :: A mojito, some sweatpants, and something to binge watch on Netflix. The end.

JUST KIDDING, readers! I actually do leave my house, and (occasionally) get dressed during the summer.  Maybe.  At least when it's not a thousand-ty degrees outside.

And when I DO, here are a few of my must-haves.

1.  A Cold-Shoulder Top

Because you wanna be sassy, while keeping your shoulders cool.  You do not actually have to give someone the cold shoulder while wearing this top.

(Unless it is your husband, who has commented for the hundredth time about how The Bachelorette isn't actually based in REALITY.)


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2.  A Pair of Birkenstocks

Because who doesn't love a good throwback to the early 90's?  Plus, these are crazy comfortable, y'all.  And if you were smart, maybe you kept the pair that you wore every day for all of 9th grade.

Except that you didn't.

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3.  A Fun Summer Tote

Because even though your bag is generally full of junk/snacks/purse gum/baby toys/etc....ain't nobody need to know that.  With one of these bags, all they will see is amazingness.

[show_lookbook_widget id="215405"] 4.  A Killer Hat

Because who wants to style their hair in the summer? Nobody.  That's who.

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5.  Some serious sun protection

Hopefully this needs no explanation.  Make sure you girls are lathering up that pretty skin, m-kay?

(The La Roche Posay is my absolute favorite!)

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There you have it!  My summer essentials.

(Plus the final season of Mad Men.  I'm just saying.)

Until next time,

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the printed blazer

Spring/Summer Style, Casual Outfit InspirationSherri6 Comments

I'm not gonna lie.  When I first saw this printed blazer, I immediately felt like one of the Golden Girls.  (Dorothy, of course. Duh.) Admittedly, it's not super representative of my typical style.  But, sometimes a piece challenges you to play outside of your style "box."  CHALLENGE ACCEPTED, BLAZER.

DSC_4778 DSC_4790


Outfit Details :: Nordstrom Blazer, 7 for All Mankind Denim, Rag and Bone T-Shirt, Loft Booties, Marguerites on Dresden Handbag 

Photos by JNelly Photography

Here are a few of my current favorites to shop: [show_lookbook_widget id="213675"]

Until next time,

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kimono game

Casual Outfit InspirationSherri2 Comments

DSC_4876 Kimonos.  They're the easy, breezy, boho cousin to a cardigan sweater.

Not only that, but if you wear one, teenagers will maybe possibly definitely look at you and say, I hope I'm a cool mom like that one day.

And you will smile benignly at them and reply with something like, #goals, #kimonogamestrong. Because teenagers love it when you verbally hashtag everything.


But aside from all of those excellent reasons to rock a kimono this summer, you will no longer freeze your lady bits off when you go to the movies/a restaurant/or any indoor location where the air conditioning has been set to a brisk 52 degrees.  And here you thought it was summer and you could enjoy a tank top.


Outfit Details :: Rag and Bone Shirt // Joie Denim // Nordstrom Kimono {no longer available, similar here} // Sam Edelman Shoes {no longer available, similar here} // RayBan Sunglasses // Rebecca Minkoff Hobo // Gunner and Lux Necklace

Now, because I love you, readers, here are my top 3 ways to style a kimono this summer:

1.  With a simple tee and some skinny jeans.  Boom.


2.  With your denim shorts, ankle booties, and a graphic tee.  Double boom.

3.  Over your bathing suit at the pool.  (Because why the heck not?) And no, I don't have any photos of THAT, because ain't nobody wanna throw up on their computer this morning.

These are a few of my current favorite kimonos:

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And here's the best part:  you will be able to selfie on instagram #likeaboss.

Because, #kimonogamestrong.

Until next time,

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