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How to Dress Spring in January


It's about this time of year EVERY YEAR that I get the itch for Spring and Spring clothes. Can you relate?! By mid-January, I am pretty much OVER wearing sweaters and chunky scarves, and I want to shop for anything that feels cheery, Springy and bright.


I put together this outfit as an example of how to incorporate a bright pop of Spring color, in this case yellow, into your late-Winter wardrobe. You can still stay warm and weather-appropriate, but by throwing an unexpected cheerful hue into your outfit, those Spring-cravings can be curbed!

011 (1).JPG

Three tips for late-Winter/early-Spring dressing::

1. Add just one pop of bright color and keep the rest of the outfit neutral {ie denim, gray, black or even whites}.

2. Add over-the-knee boots to a "Springy" look to "Winterize" it a bit.

3. Don't be afraid to go ahead and purchase a Spring top now. Just layer it under a jacket or cardigan until the weather warms.

Because I love all things yellow AND since it's a color that is just so HAPPY, here are some fun yellow tops to shop ::

004 (1).JPG

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