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Help Eyes Look Brighter w/ LUMIFY™ redness reliever eye drops


*I am working with Bausch + Lomb in 2018.

. All opinions are my own.


As a mom of twins and a business owner/full time blogger, I am often sleep-deprived. I am sure many of you can relate!

My tired eyes need all the help they can get to relieve redness from late nights, computer screen time and lack of sleep! When my eyes are red, I naturally feel less confident taking on my day. A new product called LUMIFY redness reliever eye drops, from the eye care experts at Bausch + Lomb, has become my go-to for helping make my eyes look more naturally radiant and ready to face the world!


LUMIFY is a unique drop that reduces redness to help eyes appear whiter, brighter and more naturally radiant. It has a unique formulation never before available over the counter.

I love that LUMIFY works in 1 minute, lasts up to 8 hours, selectively targets redness and is able to do all this without the use of bleach or dyes. Pretty impressive, right?

I now use LUMIFY when I get ready for events and photo-shoots, whenever my eyes look red. I also keep an extra bottle of LUMIFY in my daily tote bag and/or purse so that I am always prepared to reduce my eye redness  while traveling and/or out and about the town.


The best news?! You can find LUMIFY at major retailers, as well as online, for just $14.99 for a 2.5 mL bottle or $25.99 for a 7.5 mL bottle. Individual results may vary. Use as directed.

What are you waiting for?! Use LUMIFY to help reveal your eye’s natural beauty!

Stylishly yours,

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Switching to Safer with Native Deodorant


Native Deodorant | leggings | similar jacket | sunglasses | sneakers

Happy Friday, friends! I am SO excited to share this post about Native Deodorant with you today, since I feel like I have finally hit the jackpot on finding an effective and safe deodorant. If you have been also on this search over the past few years like I am, you probably understand how difficult it is to find a toxin-free deodorant that actually works! In my quest to switch my family and myself to safer skincare products, finding a safe deodorant has been a top priority!

I can honestly say that after over 6 months of using Native Deodorant exclusively, it’s amazingly effective! I use it for literally everything, including all daily activities and all my workouts, including Orange Theory classes and even tennis practice in the ninety-plus degree Georgia humidity! Native keeps me odor-free and feeling confident in all of these situations.

What is so special about Native?! Native is made without aluminum or parabens, and is created with ingredients we all know and can pronounce, like baking soda and coconut oil, that are very effective at fighting odor and moisture safely! Native also made in the United States, which is cool.

Another bonus is that that I LOVE the scent options! My favorites are the Coconut & Vanilla and the Lavender & Rose. I have also enjoyed sampling a few of the seasonal scents! {A brand new Pumpkin Spice Latte scent was just released and I cannot wait to try it for Fall!}

Ordering with Native is quick and easy since they offer free shipping {usually ships same day!} and free returns. I highly recommend adding a travel size Native to your cart at checkout, since it’s such a great mini-size for travel and/or your gym bag! {My kids like the travel sizes for their use, too!}

Native also makes a great gift for both men and women! I love the packaging, and plan on making Native a stocking stuffer for everyone in my family this Christmas!

I hope you will give Native a try and love it as much as I do! Have a fabulous weekend!

Stylishly yours,


Thank you to Native for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

Photography by KVC Photography.

Under-$100 Girl's Wine Night

051 (1).jpg

Thanks andThat! for sponsoring this post.

The busier life gets, the more I look forward to a Girl's Night, and the more I appreciate a relaxed evening at home with my favorite ladies. Sometimes a "Girl's Night in" involving wine, comfy clothes and good conversation is just what the soul needs!

I like to keep several bottles of delicious wine {preferably Rosé!} stocked at home, along with a few easy-to-prepare apps and snacks, so that I am always ready to host if a spontaneous get-together arrises.

You may recall that I am in the midst of four fun shopping challenges with one of my favorite new stores, andThat! This challenge was an extra-fun one because it involves food and wine! {Be sure to out my past two posts on affordable vacation shopping + my laundry room organization overhaul with andThat! if you missed them!}

I learned that with the help of andThat! Stores, hosting an impromptu, affordable girls night/wine night has never been simpler. 

Would you believe I was able to find pretty much EVERYTHING I needed for a Rose Girls' Night, including four varieties of rose {each under $10!}, locally-made preserves and snacks, gourmet chocolate, wine glasses and cocktail napkins at andThat!?! Talk about one-stop shopping at it's finest!

And I was able to purchase everything I needed for well under-$100! 

If you haven't yet stopped in your local andThat! store, keep it in mind when you plan your next Girl's Night or get-together. The wine and beer selection is awesome and I love that andThat! stocks unique, local venders for both food and drinks. If you live in Atlanta, our local andThat! store is located in Kennesaw and is worth the trip!

andThat! is also a great place to shop for hostess gifts, because who doesn't love receiving some wine and/or gourmet treats when you arrive at their home?

Thanks to andThat! Stores, hosting an impromptu, inexpensive girls night/wine night has never been simpler. 

Stay tuned for my next shopping challenge with andThat! coming soon!

Stylishly yours,





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